Hi, I'm Juliana Durango Graphic Advertising Communicator.

I love playing with colors, shapes and I have developed a great love for marketing, I like to help connect with the public, designing and building digital experiences.

I started working as a graphic designer in a communication agency in Colombia, I worked as a webmaster in the Mayor's Office of Medellín, as a web and graphic designer managing dairy product brands and renowned restaurants in Buenos Aires, Argentina, designing marketing strategies in a company of telecommunications and as a brand manager in a shopping center in Melbourne, Australia.

Currently, I am in Spain, I have worked as a web designer and community manager managing decoration brands.

I am addicted to technology, fashion, social networks, the news and I love to travel, speak English and Spanish.

In a nutshell...

I am that person who makes people buy your things, I make websites, online stores, graphic design.

I do Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns, manage social media of different brands and through storytelling and design I connect with different people and create a community…

Talk later?